Baseball for the Thai Children Update...

Baseball for the Thai Children Update...

I have been actively working on my charity project Baseball for the Thai children with my friend, Majella Friel, in memory of my late father and his love for the sport. 

I couldn’t be more ecstatic! My partner in crime, Majella, gives me a call about the items she just received from a private donor (wishes to remain anonymous).

In all we have received the following:
-50 gloves
-25 helmets
-60 pairs of pants
-20 bats

This is a great step in the right direction to achieve our goals for this project. We are both so grateful!

Our goal is to begin our baseball clinics in August. We are aiming to start in the north of Thailand and move down gradually to a few southern schools.

A reminder that we are still looking for volunteers to come with us to my home country of Thailand to teach the children.

If you’d like to participate or donate please visit the link:
or you may contact my team at:

Anything helps whether it’s your time, money, old gear, or word of mouth!

Launching this project has taken off and Majella and I's dreams are unfolding wildly. We can’t wait to share it with the youth.

-Carmen & Majella