Baseball for the Children by The Carmen Vera

Baseball for the Children by The Carmen Vera

Hello friends,

August 23rd is a special day for me each year. It's my dad's birthday. This year I decided to honor him in a way bigger than myself. He was a man of laughter and happiness. I want his passion to the world to be passed through to the next generation. 

His dream was to teach the children of Thailand his favorite sport of baseball. He never got the chance to because of his Parkinson's disease which claimed his life in June 2012.

I started a charity project to reach out to the youth of Thailand along with a close family friend, Majella Friel.

We are honored to start this project and hope to carry out my dad's wishes to share with the world.

To volunteer or donate please visit the link:

Please reach out to Alicia Miller at if you have any questions.


Happy Birthday, Daddy.