Hello, October!

Hello, October!

One of my favorite months aside from the month of May (my birthday!).

I always seem to open with this, but I can't lie. I have been extremely busy. There are so many birthdays, events, work, and projects that have been going on month. I am happy to announce that the majority of the hard work is done for this year. I am taking time to relax and get ready for the holidays. I have even found the time to fall in love! (Ahh, yes!)

As the year is coming to a close, I am just thankful for how everything has played out. I'll mention a few of my projects and their progress:

-Worthless Gold Coins is now available at www.worthlessgoldcoins.com. You may also find it on Trafford.com or Amazon. It even has the prime option! The book release party will be on October 13th in Southern California! I'm very excited to see everyone and sign some books!

    Before You, my 3rd book, is in the final stages of production. We are just adding color to the illustrations. We are aiming for a book release in November.

-Baseball for the Children of Thailand through the Roger Williams foundation has been coming together. We just raised our first $100. A few people have volunteered to donate equipment. I am ever so thankful!

-Merchandise. With wins always come losses. I am currently in the process of revamping my store. I am open to suggestions and I'm trying to find the right person to ensure my brand is top tier.

-Music. I am still working with Marcus Chavez to perform live music. We are still planning and plotting. We thank everyone for their patience. It has not been an easy journey for us.

-Career. I have decided that I will be moving up in my company and also going back to school to receive my degree. I am excited about going back, but I know a large of work is yet to come. I am ready.

-Health. I am currently taking care of my health. I will be in tip top shape by next year. As of now I'm taking things slowly.


I hope everyone has a very wonderful, safe, and SPOOKY October. I am excited to see everyone's costumes! Be sure to post on social media. I have yet to decide what I want to wear this year myself!