Making a difference

Making a difference

I was able to have a dear friend, Tania, come to my house yesterday. She had won an exclusive date with me through the raffle at my British Men Destroyed My Life Release Party. We finally got around to it 3 years later! (Haha). 😂

I had such a bad morning. I was frustrated because there were so many mishaps the night before and my stylist canceled on me the morning of. I was exhausted after my photoshoot, but I told Tania to still came over.

My attitude changed immediately and I was humbled when she brought over 2 copies of my second book, The Letter S, for me to sign. She told me that she was buying it for her cousins. I was honored that she would support my work like this.

I did not know this, but my photographer, Victoria, heard Tania say it was for her cousins. Victoria had also bought The Letter S for her cousins. Their parents were recently deported to Mexico. They don’t speak English fluently yet, so she tells me they enjoy the book because it’s written in English and Spanish. They seek solace and comfort so much that they bring it to school with them every day. As a result the book is nearly falling apart. This story brought me to tears and I never really realized the full influence of books. I had been so busy focusing on projects and getting upset at small things that don’t matter. This was something bigger than me. I realize that it’s all worth it in the end.

It has really encouraged me to continue writing for my young audience. I immediately forgot how tired and annoyed I was. You never know how much of an impact you can put on people—especially the young ones. I will continue spreading love throughout my lifetime.

And bless Victoria for capturing these moments!




I am excited to move forward with my works. I feel like my life has fallen into place, and I'm loving every minute of it!