Tea Time in North Carolina!

Tea Time in North Carolina!

Hello all!

I have mixed emotions as summer goes and fall is coming. I have never been able to decide which season is my favorite. Summer has been so amazing and fun. I have completed 2 books, and it's time to ready and prepare for the fall season. I got the chance to take some time and visit the east coast. Relaxing for a bit after so much work is quite satisfying.

One of my favorite things to do is have some tea with great company. I have loved tea parties as a child and was fascinated with tea pots and glassware. I had always thought they were so pretty! I have a lot of places I like to have tea time at, but this one here in Chapel Hill, NC is definitely one of my favorites. This quaint southern setting allows me to calm my mind. I love teas that are fruity and tropical. I also love the traditional teas such as breakfast and Earl Grey. A side of wine and prosecco isn't a bad choice either!

I love the set up of tea time and think it's so lovely. Here's a picture of our menu and silverware. I love hydrangea, and especially blue ones! Here's a picture of our dessert and sandwiches on this tiered stand. The items are small, but just enough to satisfy your appetite. I end up being so full after!



I will be heading back home to the west coast soon as I have some photoshoots planned for events and new headshots. In the meantime, I allow myself to let the days go by and really take them in. It's good to enjoy the little things around you. We can tend to forget to stop because we are so busy.


There are so many things coming in the next few weeks.

-Merchandise release

-Music rehearsals for tours with Marcus Chavez

-Big annoucment on August 23, 2018

-Release of Book #3 and Before You

-Book #3 Release Party (October 13th)


That's all for now!