Weirdly News on February 29, 2020!

Weirdly News on February 29, 2020!

I’m just finishing up some final touches on my newest radio talk show and podcast, Weirdly News! I am so excited to air with my co-host, Martyn, on Saturday February 29th. We are bringing you some weird news every Saturday night. Of course, don’t forget—we talk about the topics that will make you cringe, disgusted, and even a little interested! We talk about the R-rated sex talks, along with what’s in my DMs, ghost stories, and of course, the Thai word of the day!

In the mean time, I’ve been working with 4 new shows that have been added to my radio station! Check us all out on Facebook at On Blast Radio. Don’t forget to hit the “like” button. We love all the support we can get.

See you in February! Stay weird.

-Carmen & Martyn


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