Try Thai 2021

Growing up my family owned a Thai restaurant in the 90’s. Many of my fond childhood memories took place here. This is where I began learning the art of cooking, and have loved it ever since. When I reminisce and close my eyes for a moment I can still smell the aroma of the freshly cut basil in the kitchen.

My family had their share of responsibilities to keep our customers happy and their bellies full. Our timeless recipes are passed on from the previous generation. We took pride in our scrumptious food plated to perfection.

After 10 years, we bid farewell to our restaurant. Though physically the location is gone, we continue to keep the spirit alive by cooking these recipes in our home. I am now sharing my family’s recipes with yours. From one home to another, you can easily enjoy Thai food in the comfort of your own kitchen table.

The key to our recipes is creating entrees from freshly cut ingredients. We aim to please not only our appetites, but our eyes as well. I’ll teach you how to plate to perfection. Our dishes are designed to be aesthetically pleasing and appealing. My mother calls it “food for the eyes.” In Thai we say: “Ah-han [food] Tha [eye].” You’ll be sure to impress your guests and friends.

Cooking brings family together. My goal is to bring yours together with the help of the universal language of food from my home country of Thailand.

Yours truly,

Carmen & Mom