Let's Collab!

Thank you for expressing your interest in working with me. I have been curating my online persona for almost 20 years, starting when I was a pre-teen. I have always been an experimenter and boundary-pusher, unafraid to take strategic risks. I have coded websites since the days of Xanga and MySpace, simultaneously learning 6th grade arithmetic. With invaluable first-hand knowledge of the evolution of social media, from MySpace to Facebook to Instagram, my branding is both dependable and strategic. I have garnered 38 million views and plays across all major social media platforms, and I am a trustworthy source. I also have the gift of video editing, musical knowledge, and valuable marketing tips to attract the audience you're trying to capture through humor and current trends. I am available for interviews, podcasts, and articles, but I request detailed information about the specifics of each opportunity in advance. If you are interested in a particular demographic, please mention it in your business inquiry. Note that I require a minimum of 10k followers for individual accounts and 5k for small business accounts. My ideal topics include humor, the nostalgia of the 2000s, and aviation. I am also interested in humanism, African American Studies, sustainability, global warming, pollution, equality, social justice issues, and travel (to a limited extent), as well as writing and books (to a limited extent). I look forward to hearing from you!

Ideal topics:

[Top 3]


African American Studies/Black studies/Black Lives Matter
Sustainability/Global Warming/Pollution
Equality/Social justice issues
Travel (limited)
Author/writing/books (limited)